Kids Hope

Hope in the life of every child

Kids Hope is Australia’s largest early intervention, school-based mentoring program. 

Since 2004 Kids Hope has impacted thousands of Australian primary school children who, through care and support, have seen their lives transformed and now experience increased confidence, resilience and joy. 

Reliable, dependable and safe one-on-one relationships with mentors have a significant positive impact on children as emotional and social development needs are met and their learning capacity is enhanced.

 Kids Hope’s high-quality training, structures and child-safe processes also mean classrooms, schools, families and communities are changed through the power of long-term one-on-one care and support. Kids Hope mentors walk alongside Australian primary school children releasing them to an experience of joy.

"One Church - One School - One Mentor - One Child - One Hour per week"

Waverley Baptist Church partners with Jells Park Primary School. Numerous volunteer mentors meet weekly for an hour to build a positive mentoring relationship with a child who has an academic, social or emotional need, thereby enhancing their capacity to learn. This program is ‘non-religious’ and volunteers respect clear boundaries and guidelines in this area.

The Kids Hope program has been successful in assisting children who are struggling, and has had the added advantage of enabling our church to build bridges of friendship with people in our local community.