Church Center app (NEW!)

Introducing: Church Center!

Church Center is a place for all members to see things to do with the running of the church - including your rostered dates, group involvements, and even our online directory. More may come should this prove successful and viable.

It is a part of the Planning Center suite, intended for church members or regular attendees as a central app for news, our directory, small group organisation, and so much more. It can also be used by new people to the church to understand a little more about the life of the church and join various groups.

At present we are only using the features that are part of the free versions; should more be requested in the future, there is scope to expand at some cost - one potential addition is putting sermons (audio-only) on the app, which would allow for people to listen from the Church Center app.

It is very much a work in progress, with much to set up for full use.  Any suggestions for improving the app are most welcome!

Should you wish to make full use of the app, you will need a login - it's the same as your Planning Center Services login (what you're likely already familiar with). If you need a new account, you are able to create one from the "Log In" tab in the app. Any new accounts will need to be confirmed with the Planning Center admin/s before being accepted for directory access for security purposes.

You will also need to find our church by putting in our church and/or finding us as "Waverley Baptist". Any problems see Jeremy.


Announcements can be made to the membership to notify you of upcoming events, special news, AGM/QBM reminders, or potentially prayer chain requests. This will show up on your phone for ease of access - similar to social media notifications. 


Linked in the app is every event the church hosts, excluding all external churches and bookings, and broken down into various sub-catergories for ease of searching upcoming events.


There is an online directory available, which gives anyone who is in the online directory access to view whatever information they have chosen to share - it doesn't have to mean all personal details are shared. In addition, since this feature is hidden behind a login, it is more secure than our current paper-form directory.
Should you wish to join the directory, pease contact Jeremy - you will need to be invited by an admin for security purposes.


This is a section where people can be part of any number of groups, in order to share resources, keep track of attendances and members, and display all the groups we have as part of the church to allow more people to join your group and make visible the life of our church. This feature is best used by cell groups or Bible study groups that would like to share resources between themselves and other groups, to message each other during the week, and to assist in the church leadership in knowing who is a part of each group.

Currently, a limit of 15 people per group is applicable - more than this means we jump into the first pay band.

 My Schedule

Since Church Center is part of the Planning Center suite, it can also see your involvement with our morning and evening services. This will only work for services you have accepted a request-to-serve for, and not all services in the system.