Our Values

We emphasise 10 key values. The statements below express our aspirations as we strive to be the people God wants us to be. Note that these statements reflect the type of people God is calling us to be. We aren't necessarily there yet! For example, we aren't as creative, loving and prayerful as God wants us to be - but we are becoming ... we are moving towards the dream and that is a wonderful journey. That is our mission - to move towards the dream and grow towards being the people God wants us to be.


We strive to be a people who love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength, a people who honour God for who He is: Lord and King, Creator, Redeemer (Saviour), Companion and Counsellor; a people who encounter God through vibrant worship and who receive His guidance for all we say and do.


We strive to be a people whose intimate relationship with God expresses itself in persistent, faithful and continuous prayer, who seek both to talk to God, listen and hear from Him and engage with Him in His work in our church, our wider community and the world.

The Bible

We strive to be a people who honour the Bible as God's Word and regularly study it, a people who are open to hear from God and seek to apply what is learned so we might be more like Jesus.

Learning & Growing

We strive to be a Church family growing in faith, in which every person's walk with the Lord and their ability to live faithfully as followers of Jesus is supported, encouraged, nurtured, cared for, and mentored irrespective of age.


We strive to be a relational community where we don't just speak words of truth but we demonstrate love for one another and for the world that outsiders can only look at and say 'that doesn't happen by human effort'.


We strive to be an accepting people who seek to be sensitive to, love and include all people regardless of their ethnicity, age, culture, and faith position. We seek to be welcoming of newcomers and encourage each person to pursue God in the journey of faith.


We strive to be a people who are actively involved in meeting all kinds of needs: physical, emotional and spiritual, in our church, our local community and beyond.


We strive to be a people whose faith and life are integrated as one, in whom a heartfelt passion for God enables us to be available to Him moment by moment, being transparent in the way we relate to and serve others.

Global Ministry

We strive to be a people who have God's heart for the peoples of the world, a people who will send, support, pray and go where ever God calls us, so that all may have an opportunity to respond to the good news of Jesus.


We strive to be a people who will use their creative gifts to reach out to people of all ages, backgrounds and interests, so that people may be moved towards embracing Jesus in a conscious life of faith.