Member News

Members of Waverley Baptist Church are encouraged to look here for any important news, events or changes that are made during the week.

Spcial Members' Meeting

Current as of 7th August

Following the members' meeting, Jo Schaddee Van Dooren has been appointed to the position of Worship Coordinator for two days a week, with an aim to begin in early November.

Vision Renewal

Current as of 13th July 2022

This document is to provide further details on the proposals from our recent Member’s Meeting. Please read prayerfully...

It has been over 10 months since God called me to the role of Senior Pastor at WBC. I thank God for the prayerful approach of the Pastoral Search Committee and for the smooth transition from Pastor David O’Brien, and the warm welcome Heather and I have received.

After several months of getting to know you all and seeking God for His vision for the church, I assembled a Working Group which represented both the AM and PM Sunday services, across the age ranges (I am happy to provide the names of those in the Working Group upon request).

The purpose of the group was to prayerfully discuss the current position of the church, including strengths and weaknesses and to plan for the future.

Our heart is to provide a balanced, loving, caring, and inviting community, where all age groups can participate in worship and community, to grow the church in keeping with the command to preach the Word and let God bring people into the Kingdom.

The proposals that came from this group were then presented to the Church Council and then a summary presented at the recent Member’s Meeting.

Below is a brief overview:


  • Develop a God-given Vision and Mission

  • Develop a 5 year plan to build and grow the Church

Key Points

  • The current demographics of Waverley Baptist Church is predominately an ageing population – with an absence of young families.

  • We need to make the church more conducive for younger families to join.

  • Growth is required to bring about a healthy demographic across all age ranges of the church.

The Parable of the Talents illustrates there’s work we must do:

  • We must be diligent, prayerful, industrious, and effective in doing God’s work.

  • We are called by Christ to reach all age groups with the gospel to see them added to the life of His church for His glory.

With this in mind, the following was proposed, with scope to expand other ministries in the future as the church grows and the need arises.


1. Change the Sunday AM service time from 9:30am to 10:00am

  • This is to make our service more accessible to the wider community

2. To appoint Joanne (Jo) Schaddee Van Dooran as our Worship Coordinator

  • We believe the Spirit has been leading and confirming to the Elders and to Jo, before Jo indicated a willingness to pursue the role.

To build on the worship ministry already in place, to invest, equip, and raise up the next generation of worship leaders.

Worship Coordinator Position Description (summary):

  • Provide leadership over all the music ministries in the Church

  • Provide oversight to determine and plan the direction, music content and maintain/develop the WBC song list

  • Will be actively involved in the worship leading of services

  • Facilitate meetings with the whole music team, to worship and pray together, to build on teamwork and unity

  • Invest time in and provide internal and external training, to developing the next generation

  • Investigate creative workshops including the invitation of resources outside of the

  • WBC community approved by the Senior Pastor/Elders

  • Provide pastoral support to the worship team

  • Encourage team members in their personal walk with God - regular sharing of testimony, Bible reading, devotions and prayer within the team

  • Developing a process to regularly identify, give opportunity to and support new volunteers in WBC worship ministry

Other Responsibilities

  • Manage the Worship Ministry budget, resources and facilitate training as required

  • Manage the rosters for the Sunday services

  • Ensure current licensing agreements and all guidelines are adhered to

  • Assist in organising special events eg Carol services, Easter services, Mothers/Father’s Day services, May Mission Month services etc

  • Help arrange music for weddings and funerals if requested

  • Commence external training in worship/pastoral care (to be discussed further with Church Council and Senior Pastor)

In closing, let’s refer back to the Parable of the Talents. The master called them faithful servants not because of receiving the talent, but for what they did with the talent. As we embrace this new season that God has ushered in, I pray that as a church we will rise up as one, embrace the changes prompted by the Holy Spirit and step out in faith knowing our God goes before us.

Joshua 1:9 was spoken over Heather and me when we stepped out in faith and moved to Australia. When it was time for us to step out in faith and move on from Kingston City Church here in Melbourne, in response to God’s call, to move to WBC we received a gift which hangs on my office wall here with that same scripture from Joshua 1:9: ‘This is my command – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.’

Waverley Baptist Church, God is with us on this journey, we have nothing to fear.

Yours in Christ

Pastor Dave, Ashley How and Rabi Gunaratnam (Elders)