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Members of Waverley Baptist Church are encouraged to look here for any important news, events or changes that are made during the week.

Creating Safe Places Training

Current as of 2nd April 2022

Creating safe spaces is helpful for anyone but if you hold a particular position or role (paid or volunteer) in a BUV Church, you are required to attend a Creating Safe Spaces Training every three years.

This training is required for all Pastors, Elders, Deacons, Ministry Coordinators, Safe Church Team Members, Youth or Children's ministry leaders, Live-WYRED, RE-WYRED, Youth Discipleship, or those working with vulnerable adults.

There are two segments to the training, an online module and an in-person workshop. The latter of these are hosted at various churches, and Waverley Baptist will be hosting one on July 16th, 2022, from 9:30-12:30pm.

For those who attended the previous training at Narre Warren in November 2019, re-training is required by November 2022.

Further details are available from Roger; please speak to Roger Thorp if you have questions or need info on how to sign up; all training is paid for by WBC. Similar training from other denominations may be recognised (if you are not a regular attendee of Waverley).

Please see the below link for FAQs.

Streaming the Service

Current as of 15th December 2021

To stream the service you simply need to open your browser on your internet-connected phone, computer or smart TV and type in the address:

The stream will of course be live; the sermon will be available later on the website as usual and some components, like children's talks, may be uploaded to the Waverley Baptist Church Facebook Group.

If you don't have a Facebook account you will have to create one if you want to access the service at a later time. It is a relatively simple process to download the app on your smartphone or go to on your computer and create a new account. You can keep it very simple and not put much information if you are new.

Once you have a Facebook profile, find the 'Groups' button and when on the groups page search for "Waverley Baptist Church" and apply to join. The moderator will check your identity and authorise you.

Live-stream uploads to the Facebook group have now ceased; these can be made available to individuals by request - please speak to James J if you wish a copy.

If you need help call Don McGilvery or Jeremy Cosham (phone numbers are in the Church Directory) - or any computer literate friend can probably help you!