Waverley Baptist Church has three main ways of tithing:  direct bank transfer, cash and Tithely.
Tithely is an online giving system similar to online purchases. It deducts a small merchant's fee from your tithe unless you choose to cover it; fee is about 2% + 30c.  

At present, offerings can be made towards General Offerings and Welfare Offerings. In Tithely, please select this via a drop-down menu.

If you are giving via online means, please indicate which place you wish your funds to be directed to - unless otherwise noted, collections will go into the General Offering. 

Direct Bank Transfer

Banking details are available in the newsletter.

Tithely is a way of giving similar to online purchases. A fee is deducted from the total given unless the option is chosen to cover these fees.


A retiring bowl (a blue box) is available in the foyer in morning services.