May Missions Month

"Crossing The Street"

Living alongside with the hope of Jesus.

Our May Missions Month is a time where Waverley Baptist goes above and beyond our normal missions giving to support inter-cultural missions.

Upcoming fundraising efforts will be published soon, details will be on this page

Vocational Training Centre and Cafe

The team in Cambodia has opened a small business training centre, providing entrepreneurial training.

As part of the training centre, the team is opening a cafe and mobile coffee cart to further mentor all employees.

Target: $3,000 (Tax Deductible)

Project Code: CMwh605

Creation Care: Waste Bank
South East Asia

The South-East Asia team is

commencing phase two of their not-for-profit organisation which encourages local community action for environmental care.

The team is looking to create a mobile waste bank service to help scavenger communities to improve their quality of life.

Target: $3,000 (Tax Deductible)

Project Code: SEAwh705

Rural Income Generation
South Asia

This long-term project continues to transform the lives of B people.

The focus continues to be on cattle, fish and vegetable production.

Small business managment and training has also become a key focus.

Target: $3,000 (Tax Deductible)

Project Code: SAsy707

Sharing the Good News in New Ways
South Asia

This project aims to place the newest appropriate version of the Scripture, Old and New Testament online, on a website and on an App.

The local team has produced individual Biblical and practical lessons for online courses, now accessible in the local language.

Target: $3,000 (Not Tax Deductible)

Project Code: SAwh415

Lanternlight Ministries:
Community-based Rehab.

Jit and Jan have been working with others to make sure over 220 people with disabilities living in the local district are looked after.

This Lanternlight Ministry project provides practical assistance along with the opportunity to hear the Gospel in a way that is meaningful and transformative.

Target: $3,000 (Not Tax Deductible)

Project Code: TOya412

Church Leader Training
Zambia, Zimbabwe

This involves activities such as training of trainers (Pastors who will train Pastors), spiritual retreats and encouragement for local leaders, discipleship programs as well as more formal leadership courses.

Target: $3,000 (Tax Deductible)

Project Code: ZZke205

Please feel free to donate via the button below. Make sure to select "Special Offering" and put the mission code in the Notes/Memos section at the bottom.

If you
wish or need to claim tax deductions, please provide your name and address, with forms needed to be returned by June 12th for processing.