Leadership Courses

Leadership courses are an essential part of the development of our Senior Boys and our greater aim of creating Christian men.

Every year, Boys' Brigade Victoria runs five leadership courses, teaching many skills and equipping boys to effective leaders within Brigade and without.

Two of our past Boys on Team Leadership; Ben having just done TL, Jeremy (right) going back to help on the operations team.

Weekend Leadership Courses

Introductory Leadership - Red Braid
Year 8+

Introductory Leadership is the first course available to Boys. On this course, we teach key leadership skills to boys generally around Year 8. After completing this course, boys will have learned to work effectively with others - which will be a continuing theme throughout all courses. Boys also learn hands-on responsibilities of running a Brigade night, including running games or teaching drill.

Squad Leadership - Blue Braid

Year 9+

Squad Leadership, useful for current or prospective group leaders - includes interactive discussions, practical exercises and sharing of ideas and experience with others. It includes examples on how to be an effective squad leader.
As part of this course, we teach interview techniques, preparing boys both for the BB Knowledge Badge interview as well as job interviews.

Company Leadership - Green Braid

Year 10+

Practical Company Planning and Leading – practical skills & approaches to planning and running programs (eg Badge class)
Organising Events - coordinating and structuring interesting and safe squad events and special nights; as well as how to publicise events and your Company.
Spiritual Development - understanding the basis of your faith and working how to express your faith to run devotions and worship sessions.

Weeklong Leadership Courses

Team Leadership - White Braid

Year 10+

Team Leadership is the first weeklong leadership course available to boys. On this course, we teach:

  • An understanding of leadership from a Christian perspective

  • Greater understanding of self and others

  • Recognising one's own strengths and weaknesses, as well as those within a group

  • Effective communication skills

  • Team building and working together as a team

  • Systems of problem solving

  • Effective goal-setting and achievement strategies

Personal Development - Gold Braid

Year 11+

Personal Development is the most in-depth Leadership course we offer at present. As the name implies, this course focuses more on personal attributes rather than ones that build teams.
On these courses we offer:

  • Practical tools to examine and lead your life

  • Exploration of what it means to live a vibrant Christian faith

  • A three-day solo experience, helping to facilitate growth and reflection in a distraction-free environment

  • Practical preparation for the solo experience

  • Discussions on many wide-ranging, deeper topics that generally are not discussed at company level

  • Strategies for lifelong growth and personal development