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May Appeal 2020

Waverley Baptist Church - Our Wider Ministries
2020 May Appeal Projects — Target: $15,000 Total Raised: $17,320!
Outback Australia - Project Code: ABwh411                                                                               $3000
   Keeping the vehicles up to scratch for Mat & Shannon & 4 Children based in Yuendumu, NT.

Thailand - Project Code: TOya412                                                                                               $2000
   Lanternlight  Ministries — helping disabled Children in Western Thailand.

Zambia - Project Code: ZZdo100                                                                                                  $2000
   Supporting the Leadership Conference of the Northern Baptist association of Zambia with Pastor David. 
Silk Road - Project Code: KSwh412                                                             $2,500TD - Fully Subscribed
   English Teaching and homework clubs build relationships and empower local people.

SEast Asia - Project Code: EAwh601                                                            $2,500TD - Fully Subscribed
   Education foundation. Assisting Local Communities with Education  and Community Development.
South Asia - Project Code: SAsy707                                                            $3000TD - Fully Subscribed
   Rural Income Generation in poor communities through Education in farming techniques and animal husbandry. 

We have reached our targets with regard to the Tax Deductable Projects.  We still have $280 to raise towards the three NON-Tax Deductable projects.  If you wish to receive a Tax Deduction you can still request the project as WBC was only raising some of the funds for them, but we really don't want the Faith based projects to go without.
Giving this year is through direct transfer.
Bank Details: ANZ Bank BSB: 013231  A/C No: 270412822

To receive a Tax Deduction for a Tax Deductable Project:
        1) Include the project code and your name.
        2) Confirm your deposit with name and address details in an email to the office:

If you wish to give cash or cheque please feel free to contact
Roger, our treasurer (0419 379 184)